Public-Private Partnership

Our public/private partnerships allow us to work with community organizations to have a broader impact on the health of our state. These projects are working to make an immediate and a long-term impact on health issues.

Be Smart-Don’t Start — The Be Smart-Don’t Start Anti-Tobacco Contest is a preventive education effort to raise awareness among youth about the dangers of tobacco use.

Certified Healthy Businesses — The Oklahoma Certified Healthy Business status recognizes Oklahoma businesses that are working to improve Oklahoma’s health by providing health and wellness opportunities for their employees.

Oklahoma Health Improvement Plan — The Oklahoma Health Improvement Plan outlines numerous key priorities and outcomes that support health improvement throughout the state. The goal of the plan is to outline action steps to advance the “general improvement of the physical, social and mental well-being of all people in Oklahoma through a high-functioning public health system.”

Insure Oklahoma — Since 2005, Insure Oklahoma has assisted those who might otherwise go without medical care. Through our participation in the Insure Oklahoma program, thousands of small business owners, employees and their spouses have access to more affordable premiums by enrolling in an Insure Oklahoma approved plan.

Oklahoma State Department of Health and County Health Departments — These organizations serve as critical partners for the Oklahoma Caring Vans, providing certified nursing staff to administer the free immunizations offered on the vans.