Community Leadership

Our employees share their valued expertise as members of community organizations that are defining the future of health care in our state. This is accomplished through multiple channels:

  • Coalition Memberships – To positively impact the health of Oklahomans, we join efforts with other organizations, combining expertise looking for unique ways to move forward together. BCBSOK is active in many state health coalitions that are setting policies and changing the way Oklahomans think about health.
  • Advocating for Oklahoma’s Health – As a leading advocate for public health in Oklahoma, we believe our role is to help educate the public about issues that affect their health and well-being. To do this, BCBSOK advocates for health awareness and works with media to provide educational resources.
  • Leading by Example – BCBSOK employees are engaged in healthy events and initiatives across the state, and we are proud to show that our employees don’t simply talk about making healthy lifestyle choices, they are doing the same themselves. This includes everything from participating in National Walk @ Lunch Day to running in the Williams Route 66 Marathon. With access to on-site fitness classes and a fitness center, employees help set healthy examples for each other.